Ashton, a rural town surrounded by forests, just a half hour drive from Cambridge. Although the greater Boston area is lively and exciting, Ashton is just far away enough and isolated by the undeveloped woods. Although the town may seem quaint and simple at a glance, it does have a rather lively and exciting nightlife.


The start of autumn marks a crucial point in the lives of a handful of students of Ashton high. Attacked by a wolf in the woods while they were working on a school project, the next night they shifted into wolves themselves. And suddenly the stories of lycans became real. They are now caught within two conflicting worlds, containing both a human and a beast within themselves. With the guidance of a natural-born werewolf, the one who bit them, they must learn to not only control their powers, but use them to survive. In the World of Darkness, there is far more than just werewolves, and the young pups will learn that the hard way soon enough.

Wolfshund's WoD Werewolf Campaign

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