• Alice Scarlett

    Alice Scarlett

    The school nurse that many students have a crush on.
  • Erikur Njörðurson

    Erikur Njörðurson

    An Icelandic man who leads the pack in the area north of Boston
  • Kyanna Blythe

    Kyanna Blythe

    A recent graduate of Ashton High who is taking a couple gap years.
  • Liana Bryant

    Liana Bryant

    The creepy goth girl that most students in Ashton High shy away from.
  • Lucien Amantea

    Lucien Amantea

    An Italian student who despite being quite handsome and popular, is rather aloof and keeps his distance from other students.
  • Luna Aislyn Dreamweaver

    Luna Aislyn Dreamweaver

    A psychologist that lives in the town of Ashton, with an office in Cambridge. With her peers in the greater Boston area, she has a reputation for being a new age kook.
  • Meiling Xiao

    Meiling Xiao

    The most popular girl in school