Cynthia Knight

An impulsive and violent pureblood werewolf.


Cynthia is one of the original members of the pack, and the one to most deeply embrace her inner wolf. She is constantly trying to convince her packmates to wolf out with her, treating her transformation almost like a drug. She keeps most of her senses heightened even when in human form, and likes to “enhance” them further with marijuana and magic mushrooms.

Unfortunately, it’s all gone to her head. She is obsessed not only with the sensations but also the raw power of her wolf aspect. She is arrogant, treats humans as a lesser species, and firmly believes that the strong should rule over the weak. Close to her transformation, her behavior can be erratic and violent.

She will, however, go to greater lengths than anyone else to defend her pack, even if she doesn’t exactly like all of them. Nevermind that greater lengths often means lots of blood; if a packmate is in trouble but Cynthia is in Guam, she will find a way back inside a day.

Her favorite song is Deftones’ Diamond Eyes, though she has an ironic appreciation for Werewolves of London. Her idols are Tank Girl and Rick Sanchez, the former of whom features prominently in her apartment as a series of posters.


Cynthia’s human form is a tomboyish 18 year old with several piercings, black hair (dyed red), and a questionable wolf tattoo on her right shoulder. Her wolf form is a hulking mass of muscle the color of night with long mane-like hair and slanted yellow eyes.


Born to werewolf parents who denied their heritage, Cynthia grew up believing she was a normal girl. When her parents died in a mysterious accident, however, she found evidence that they had kept a great many secrets from her.

Cynthia spent her teenage years bouncing from foster home to foster home, causing trouble wherever she went. She didn’t care. All she wanted was to awaken to her true self as soon as possible, and show the world what she was made of.

When she turned 18, her last foster family kicked her out, leaving her on her own with nothing but the clothes on her back and a bank account left by her parents set to unlock when she came of age.

She chose to move back to her parents’ hometown of Ashton, Massachusetts, where she attends a local private school. In town, she rents a small studio apartment above a diner owned by a relative of her childhood best friend, Liana.

Cynthia Knight

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