P.J Stephan


Peter. Jason. Stephan is a exchange student from England, he walks with a swagger, he holds a Cane in one hand and is fully clothed in a suit and Top hat, his blonde moppy hair resting just below it, if you could tell anything about this man at a first glance, it would be that style, is very important to him, his soft and yet spiky hair definitely cared for, along with almost perfectly identical blonde eyebrows and a killer Jawline.

Stephan had to be rich, he just had to be, if not the cane plated with gold and silver, then the Thousand dollar suit, along with a top hat that looks exquisite. it is all ironed and cared for, completely immaculate of dirt or stains, he definitely cared for his looks. The man had green emerald eyes that darted about, usually finding their way onto women’s bodies, a famous smirk on his face as he watches them.

Stephan’s thick London accent spoke highly, it wasn’t the poor end of London, this boy’s family must be multi millionaires. His voice was almost like music, it would make any girl blush, some even shiver. It was perfect. Not too loud, or too quiet, not too high, or too low, a perfect balance inbetween.

His suit was a brownish colour, with a white Shirt and blue tie underneath it, the buttons on his waistcoat made of 16 Karat gold. The tie looked expensive and straight and the man had shiny, boots. No… they weren’t shiny. They were a mirror. He could see up anyone’s skirt with those.

P.J Stephan

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