Holly Woods

A community college student who works as a veterinary assistant and part-time substitute teacher.


To most people, Holly appears as a young woman, standing at about 5’3 and 100 lbs, of half-white, half-Korean heritage, with large, deep brown eyes brimming with an almost dog-like warmth and devotion. She tends to keep her unruly dark chestnut hair up in a bun to keep it out of her way when out of the house, and isn’t one to bother herself with makeup or jewelry. Rather selective in her tastes for clothing, Holly only purchases vegan products to wear for herself, cycling through a small collection throughout the week. Her slender, nimble fingers handle small objects deftly, and she is always accompanied by a natural fragrance of sweet flowers or fresh fruits. She moves with the slender grace of a fox, and has a tendency to crouch in an alert, bird-like perching position when most other people would simply sit. When she gets excited, she tends to unconsciously shake her rear in a fashion almost like a dog wagging its tail.

Holly’s true form has the same dark chestnut hair and deep brown eyes as her Mask, though she appears as a cross mainly between a wolf, fox, and dog, her fur interspersed with an abundance of blooming flowers and soft, fuzzy feathers. Her luxuriously soft brown fur is colored light tan on her cheeks and below her snout, on two small dots above the inside corners of her eyes, and over her underbelly. She has two large, dark brown rectangular strips on her cheeks and on the tufted tips of her large, triangular ears. Her verdant green nose is usually cold, except for after she’s been napping for a while or when she’s sick. The insides of her ears, mouth, and the pads of her feet are also the same verdant green, and her teeth are exquisitely sharp. She has a large fluffy fox tail as long as her body, and she has a tendency to wag her tail from side to side when she is excited. Her form is also accompanied by glimmers of light and red-gold leaves.Holly_Woods_Mien.png

Attentive and caring, Holly always puts others ahead of herself. She is careful and prefers to watch, though sometimes her curiosity overcomes her. She prefers to avoid conflict whenever possible, though knows how to use a bow if the need arises. She has an almost obsessive urge to lick things, usually opting for her hands or feet, and on nights of the full moon she enjoys howling with the wolves.

NPC Relationships

  • Client of Luna, who knows most of the details of her life.
  • Participates in the archery club with Lucien.
  • Often visits Nurse Scarlett to learn more about human medicine.

Prospective Future Ideas

Holly Woods

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